This "One off" done for you service is ideal for companies who require a Simple Marketing Campaign

Once complete you just sit back and let the leads pour in! 

This is purely for people that want to generate leads for their business! 

#We do the research, create the advert, the landing page and the email sequence. 

  1. A customized self-maintaining strategy that runs 24/7

  2. Affordablw long term project assistant

  3. Personalized adverts, mail scripts, and a landing page designed 

  4. Seamless integration of marketing applications 

  5. Fully automated strategies: just turn it on and let it work for you

Content and campaign developmernt

Included for FREE is 2 weeks worth of Ad optimisation. 

Wouldn't it be great if you can get to work and not worry about who or how you will be generating business today? imagine recieving leads directly into your crm all ready to be actioned without having to phone around cold calling or trying to connect with everyone on social media to sell your service. well, this is what I achieve for myself and my clients!

by intricately connecting applications together i get the leads flowing straight into my crm without doing anything! and if i need a boost in leads, i just turn up the tap!

I will set up a fully automated sales process for you to reach your target audience. All you require is to decide how much investment you wish to make each month. leads even when you sleep

facebook ads, twitter ads, linkedin ads, landing pages, automated email strings , website chat box automation, auto responders on social sites. 

identify the benefits of your product , service or platform 

landing pages, lead funnels 

Once set up we are done. We'll strategically automate all your leads to flow through the applications seamlessly whilst you action the results

After analyzing your current marketing efforts I will work with you to produce a clear marketing strategy that is not only easy to implement but effective in the purpose we identify. sending someone a cold pitch rearly custs in in todays time. leads must be nurtured 

We'll develop and define you a professional marketing strategy

then produce the content & campaigns needed to convert your target audience